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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was the theme of the foundation of this country how have these values developed a strong. community is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom and i want every to be more. syrians over 21st d.-w. . is there any deal insights political leaders in washington are upbeat about the latest u.s. china trade talks as the world's 2 top economies thirteen's attempt to break the months long negotiation also on the show residents of lisbon historic alfon backwater are happy to welcome tourists and the revenue they bring but more and
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more of them are being forced to leave their apartments to make room for holiday makers and are india's plantations exploiting workers british aid organization oxfam thinks so and is pushing governments and retailers to take action. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program trade talks between china and the united states are entering their 2nd day with president trump striking an optimistic note he has described day one of the negotiations in washington as very very good the president is due to meet directly with the chinese vice premier at the white house later today markets in the u.s. and asia both rose on the positive tone from the talks which followed a week of diplomatic setbacks between beijing and washington. now before we get to the current talks let's take a look at the dispute in which neither u.s. president trump nor his china. khandahar g.g.
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ping seem willing to back down so far the us has slept terrorists on $550000000000.00 worth of chinese products china in return has said levies on $185000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods that amounts to $735000000000.00 in total and that figure could just be the tip of the iceberg the tit for tat terror of scav or a wide array of goods from steel and aluminum to meat and fish vegetables mushrooms and nuts to backhoe and jews many sectors are affected on both sides of the pacific now as you've heard later today mr trump will meet chinese vice premier you had passed meetings between the 2 have yielded progress for example in january china increased its soybean purchases and the february talk resulted in a delay in tariffs now for more on this topic let's bring in ranko berridge he is
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the head of market analysts analysis at monica's europe good to have you on the program ranko president trump is a beaut should the rest of the world be upbeat as well. well it's almost impossible to tell when you look at complex trade negotiations between for example the u.k. and the e.u. you can make the assumption that you're dealing with. actors who are following incentives the problem with u.s. trade policy over the past year and a half is that it hasn't really followed any rational incentives. on the global economy and so you can't make the assumption that it will be fine because economic interests of the u.s. dictate that a deal should be struck so it's very difficult to know despite the positive headlines with their launch should be resolved even improve the score or indeed before the 2020 election now this is the 13th attempt to break this negotiation
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again what are the main road blocks. so it's pretty clear now that if the us the deal to cover agricultural purposes. maybe somewhere joost tariffs and changes to for example chinese regulation of foreign investment into china that deal could be struck it's clear that this effort on the chinese side to do that deal the road block has always been the us is designed to place binding constraints with a legal mechanism. to appropriate intellectual property from overseas because this directly ties into chinese ambitions to grow the economy and to increase their position on the manufacturing so that's the real roadblock it's the ip provisions and do you see the chinese giving way on that particular toff. well the question is how is washington looking from those sitting in beijing we
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have already delayed the imposition of a certain set of consumer tariffs in order to avoid hitting u.s. consumers christmas so from beijing this looks like a blink it looks like a little bit of hesitation so that's probably fair to say the chinese think their current strategy of action and persistence is pressuring the white house so i would be surprised if they were pushing back still on those intellectual property provisions branco berridge had of market taking a look at the 13th round of trade talks between the us and china thank you so much . here's agency reuters reports c.e.o. tim cook has defended the company's decision to remove a paulo says police tracking app used in hong kong says the firm made the decision after it received quote credible information the app had been used maliciously to target individual police officers but means that violated hong kong all and thereby
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broke the app stores rules which bar apps which could cause personal harm apple has faced criticism for moving the up with some saying it was bowing to pressure from beijing. now cheap flights and digital booking sides have made traveling the world much easier it seems though that often residents of the world's most popular tourist destinations have to pay a heavy price for their city's popularity with noisy groups roving streets and nights neighborhoods turning into little more than backdrops for selfies or apartments converted into holiday homes it's a problem the people living in lisbon says story district know all too well. it's become a typical sound and typical sight in the founda lisbon's old quarter tourists come in droves just in holiday flats here but would many tourists don't know is that
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lifelong residents here have been forced to move out to make way for them. margarita lopez has lived in the out on the for over 60 years she has to go up a steep staircase to reach her apartment a few days ago she was told that she's being kicked out for from. i live here my whole life what's happening is really getting to me i've always taken care of the house and all the old people who live here i feel like i'm in exile as if i were some bad person. through. she pays only $145.00 euros a month for the flat now the owner wants to renovate and rent it for $800.00 euros the other floors have already been converted into holiday apartments. it's actually good that tourists want to come here but we're being driven from our houses and i think it's sad that he's. gone carvers had to leave a year ago she takes us to the little grocery store she ran for decades.
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they have hurts oh my memories are buried here they have always been vacation apartments here but now it's like a thunderstorm they came and bought everything from under us that. the is a centuries old labyrinth of small houses and narrow alleys it's lisbon's oldest neighborhood the lower income people have always lived here because rents were affordable but not anymore now the found is a hip location real estate prices have gone through the roof 10000 holiday flats have been built here in recent years the government has finally reacted and passed a new law to better protect the original residence. this is we politicians mostly pass laws after something has been happening a while and when the law takes effect the damage has already been done we don't have the ability to see into the future so that we can act before it happens.
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manuela gun cobbers fought the city to have them provide her with a new grocery store she wants to live in work in the fall for hers staying in this neighborhood also means retaining her dignity. and now to some of the other business stories making the news the c.e.o. of german software manufacturer s.a.p.t. bill mcdermott has unexpectedly resigned germany's most valuable listed company has not given a reason for his departure after 9 years in the post he's been replaced by board members jennifer morgan and kristen klein with media defect japanese carmaker nissan which operates britain's biggest auto factory warns that a disorderly breaks it would mean w t o terrorist ford of 10 percent for the nation it says that would jeopardize the company's entire year european business model which is built on 0 tariffs british billionaire inventor james dyson is scrapping his electric car project his company
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dyson is best known for making vacuum cleaners its plans to branch out into the auto industry have been shelved with the car proving too expensive to produce german exports fell by more than expected in august declining 1.8 percent from the previous months the sharpest drop since april analysts had predicted a fall of just one percent following july's slight increase germany's export reliant economy has been struggling due to global trade tensions and brics. a new oxfam study sharply criticizes the working conditions on india's plantations the organization demands the german government hold its coal companies accountable for human rights violations in their supply chains it's an issue that affects not just the producers. tea on this plantation in assam is being picked in record time more than half of india's t.v.
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production comes from this region but aid organization oxfam says many of the millions of indians working in the industry do so under appalling conditions around half get ill because of polluted water what's more without protective clothing many are exposed to toxic pesticides and the pay is often terrible a look at where the money for tea go gives an indication why only 1.4 percent of the price paid for a packet of assam tea in for example a german supermarket goes to work as in india produces exporters and importers each take their share and at the other end of the supply chain the retailers and supermarkets make huge profits more than 86 percent of the final price paid for the tea goes to them. oxfam interviewed more than 500 people in the assam plantations he says well parts of the world enjoy the tea and cake many of the
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workers here are going hungry. and finally some 2000000 people in california are left without electricity on thursday after the state's biggest utility company caught off power to prevent the spread of wildfires that have been ravaging the area explaining its decision p.g. and e. said it wanted to prevent fallen branches from coming into contact with live overhead lines the movie did prompt some criticism from individuals and business though who said they didn't receive adequate warning of the blackouts. and that wraps up our program. thanks for watching and never sell for a successful. birth
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. of species. worth saving. those are big changes and must. with small steps to. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that
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the current used religious exemptions and for station. interactive content teaching the next generation to potential. channels available to inspire people to take action. and we're determined to do something here for the next generation. as the environment series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and coming out today. a big day for the book world with not one but 2 nobel prizes for literature awarded to polish writer all go to a car joke. and the austria. leipzig
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commemorates a major protest march that was a turning point which led to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago. but we begin with the 2 winners of the nobel prize for literature one for 2018 and $1.00 for this year as well this is because it was an award last year due to a scandal within the rather secretive nobel prize committee so the committee has promised to be more open in the future and also less eurocentric however both winners this year are from europe the polish. for 2018 and this is one of the austrian author paid to handcuff. born in 1942 austrian writer paid to hunt has been a perennial favorite for the nobel prize the swedish academy with typical literary flora credit him with creating.


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